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Holly Garner in Scoreland Member Features

You have just found the world’s greatest service station and the world’s greatest gas pump girl: Holly Garner. I love to drive cars, Holly said. But the shoulder belt straps are terribly uncomfortable. I got pulled over a couple of times for not wearing my seatbelt. I would have worn a costume to go with this but I could not find anything appropriate that would fit on my huge chest. So I decided to wear sexy lingerie to create a contrast. Holly began her modeling career by posing at a boudoir photo shoot, and this brought out the passion in her. I realized that I could show this fire to the world. Since then, I have devoted myself to the mission to delight men with my beauty. This is the huge problem with electric cars. No gas pump girls are needed. It’s a travesty and a shame, in our opinion. … (Video duration: 32:11)

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