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What Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree) does in this Tits and Tugs is something that happens every day in countless massage parlors (aka jack shacks) around the world. Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree) is a massage parlor technician with a long waiting list but her clients are never in a hurry because they know they’re in great hands. Soft, warm, strong hands that grip a man’s junk with a velvet touch. Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree) combines a soapy sponge bath with a hand job and tit-wank for the man who is in no hurry and wants a busty redhead to be his curvy servant and lavish her attention on him for 20 minutes. She does what wives and girlfriends won’t do. Today’s lunch-time gentleman wants the finest treatment his cock can get. He is in good hands with Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree). Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree) knows him as The Master and that is what Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree) must address him as to satisfy his fantasy of owning this woman. Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree)’s submission and obedience gives him an added kick as he fucks her 36DDD tits. … Big Boobs video featuring: Desiree Deluca (a.k.a. Desiree), Lucas Stone. (Video duration: 15:43)

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