Your VR Girl

Sandralyd in Your VR Girl

After a long day of work, you just want to go home, have a drink, turn on the TV, and drift off to sleep. Maybe if you have the energy you will plug in your VR Headset for a bit of VR taboo porn. Unless of course, your roommate is there with his girlfriend. Their relationship is just perfect enough to be annoying and she is just pretty enough to make avoiding long glances at her difficult. When you get home, you find that your roommate is gone, but are surprised to see Sandralyd in the house. She is dressed in lingerie like she might have been expecting her boyfriend. You try to look away and apologize, but she tells you that she was waiting for you. She knows you work hard and also knows that you can hear them in the next room fucking all night. As a way of apologizing, she wants to make sure that you get a chance to relax. You try to refuse, reminding her that she is dating your roommate, but the pretty brunette will not take no for an answer. She is not going to say anything at all, so long as you stroke your cock to her and enjoy the VR porn show. She can see how much you like looking at her and smiles when she sees how aroused you are. Go ahead, take it out, and stroke it. She wonders how often you have listened to her cumming when her boyfriend fucks her. That though turns her on enough to make start rubbing herself as she strips for you. Her eyes are locked on your cock while her fingers find all the right spots to make her moan and cum. Your turn. Shoot that load for the girl you want, but can’t have. At least not this time. (Video duration: 10 min)

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