Bedroom Show

Avrora Lacosta in Bedroom Show

Your day was already going pretty well. After getting a promotion at work, you sent a text to your girlfriend to share the good news. She congratulated you and told you to hurry home because she had something special to show you. When you arrived, you found Avrora Lacosta waiting in a sexy set of red lingerie. Avrora told you that she was saving this outfit for a very special day. She can see from your reaction that you like the outfit and smiles at you. Avrora knows you have always wanted to watch her masturbate and tonight is the night. For your treat, you get to watch her strip out of this outfit while she teases you. You happily sit in the chair and watch while she lets you get a good look at her outfit before it comes off. She can see that you are already excited and tells you that you are free to take your cock out. Watching you masturbate while she does will only turn her on more. She pulls her wet panties up tight between her legs and rubs her dripping lips. Her fingers work up and down her body and she tells you all of the naughty things she thinks about when she gets herself off. You both pick up speed. Watching you turns her on and her fingers slide easily into that wet pussy. It is even hotter than you imagined watching some taboo VR porn. She encourages you to stroke fast, stroke harder to cum at the same time she does. That seems like a good idea and you finish the special VR porn show together. What a perfect ending to a great day. (Video duration: 10 min)

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