Like The First Kiss

Patricia Kiss in Like The First Kiss

After a long day of work, you come home exhausted. Things at the office have been tense and you are not getting along with your new girlfriend. Patricia Kiss (a.k.a. Kiss Patricia) VR spends entirely too much money and has access to your credit card any time she wants. In your latest fight, you demanded to know what the young coed could possibly be spending so much money on. When you get home, your girlfriend is on your bed in black lingerie. She wants to apologize for spending so much money, but also show you what she has been buying. You haven’t been giving her much attention lately and she really wants the relationship to work so she has been buying sexy outfits like this one to turn you on. She hopes you understand and forgive her for being such a bad girl with the credit card. She also wonders if you might offer your honest opinion. Is the outfit sexy? Like sexy enough to make you want to fuck? You don’t say anything, but the look in your eyes and the bulge in your pants give her the answer she was looking for. Seeing that you are turned on Patricia Kiss (a.k.a. Kiss Patricia) decides to push things a little further by taking off her clothes. She behaves like a VR porn model from your favorite taboo movies. You don’t leave and that makes her want to touch herself. Staring right at you she can feel herself getting wetter as you take your cock out of your pants and start stroking. As you please yourselves, Patricia Kiss (a.k.a. Kiss Patricia) knows that she is sexy enough in or out of her clothes to attract you and you know exactly how you are going to make her earn an even bigger spending allowance. (Video duration: 12 min)

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