Special Dessert From Karina King

Karina King in Special Dessert From Karina King

You have been dating Karina King for a few months now. Things are going very well in all aspects with one exception. She is adamant about taking things slowly when it comes to physical intimacy. That part is fine with you. She is charming, funny, and great to be around. But she is also gorgeous and waiting for her to be ready is slowly driving you mad with desire. In this VR porn video, you show up for dinner to find her dressed in a super-sexy black dress. Convinced you are in for another great evening that ends with you jerking off alone at home, you are surprised when she tells you that she thinks it is time to take your relationship to the next level. Before you get too excited, she tells you that she isn’t ready for sex just yet. However, she does think it is time that you saw her naked and maybe tried a little mutual masturbation as a warm-up for things to come. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, and gets even more appealing when she bends over and slips her dress up over her curvy ass. It is firm and tight, like the rest of her body. Now that you have had a peek, she wants to see you. Take out your cock so she can see what you are working with. She likes what she sees. Would you like to see where she would like to put that big throbbing cock? Of course you would and if you keep stroking she will take off the rest of her clothes and show you. She can see you throbbing and stroking as she rubs her pussy like a real VR pornstar. Soon you will get to feel what it is like inside, but for now, just keep pumping until you cum for her. (Video duration: 11 min)

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