Happy Thanksgiving

Lily Blossom and Karina King in Happy Thanksgiving

Lily Blossom, the young and gorgeous VR porn model, is an adventurous soul with a very naughty sense of humor. She is also getting used to living with two hot men since her mother remarried. Her mom’s new husband is a sexy older man with a hunky son who drives her wild with forbidden desire. For her new family’s first Thanksgiving, she decides to do something wild. She gets naked and presents herself in the middle of the table for her stepfather and you to find. She took this idea from the recent VR porn movie and hopes to impress you. You are shocked but quite happy with how she looks. No matter how wrong it might be, you can’t help but take a sample of her right there on the dining table. You are right in the middle of giving her dick from both ends when Karina King comes in with dinner. Stunned by the obscene display before her, she is turned by seeing her husband fucking Lily. She also gets a good look at your cock and decides that a little playtime is just what mommy needs. Your father doesn’t mind at all, as long as he has Lily sucking on his dick. Hot mouths filled with throbbing meat seem like a great way for both Karina and Lily to celebrate the holiday. Of course, they have more holes that need to be stuffed and the guys are only too eager to help make that happen. Karina starts with her husband inside of her, but quickly wants to trade partners and feel that young, hard pole banging away. The kinkier things get, the harder it is for them to stop. As the guys unload all over two very pretty faces, the whole family has much to be thankful for, including plenty of second helpings. VR porn featuring: Lily Blossom, Karina King. (Video duration: 1 hour 4 min)

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