The Dress Code

Leana Lovings in The Dress Code

Leana Lovings comes from a very protective family. Even now that she is in college, she is not allowed to socialize with her friends or go to parties. Her best friend invites her to a party that is certain to be amazing. Leana decides to ask her stepfather if she can go. He refuses at first, but she convinces him that they will be no alcohol or even boys at the party. Reluctantly, he agrees to let her go. As soon as she is alone in her room, Leana changes into an outfit her friend gave her that she promised would get her plenty of attention. The top is very revealing and the shorts are so tight that she can barely get them over her hips. She blushes when she sees how much of her ass is showing. Leana tries to sneak out of the party in her new outfit, but her stepfather catches her. He has never seen her dressed like this and scolds her for inappropriate clothes. This is not acceptable and she needs to be punished. She needs to learn what clothes like that do to guys her age. Leana can already see what it is doing to him and the bulge in his pants shows her that his cock is not only hard but quite huge. Putting it in her mouth, she gives him something her mother never does and she can tell how much he loves it. He puts her on the desk and reminds her that dressing like this is going to turn men on and make them want to fuck her. That is exactly what she wants and she tells him so. It doesn’t matter that he is her stepfather. She wants that big dick deep in her horny pussy. He gives it to her hard until he cums all over her stomach. She is allowed to go to the party, but only if she keeps this a secret and promises to visit him again when she gets home. (Video duration: 28:19)

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