Eva Goes Cheating

Eva Elfie in Eva Goes Cheating

Eva Elfie has what she thinks is a great relationship with her boyfriend. She loves him madly and doesn’t even think about other men. Assuming he feels the same way, she tells him to wait for her while she showers so she can show him a good time. When she gets out of the shower, she is shocked to find him jerking off to porn models on his computer. If her man would rather look at other women, she is going to find someone who wants her. In a rage, she kicks him out, finds her sexiest outfit, and goes to the park where she picks up a guy willing to come home and fuck her. It doesn’t take her long to find someone and right from the start, she loves the way he looks at her. This guy isn’t too busy to put his hands all over her and make her feel like he can’t wait to be inside of her pussy. Though she has never cheated before, Eva can’t wait to get a look at the stranger’s cock and give it the blowjob she was planning to give her man. She is shocked to find him already hard for her and pleased to see that he is much bigger than her boyfriend. He stares right at her while she sucks and licks his cock, giving her all of his attention until she begs him to fuck her. To her surprise, he wants to eat her first, getting her even wetter so that he can slide right in. He knows just how to pump so she can feel every inch, but she is completely taken by the look of lust in his eyes and the way he can’t keep his hands off of her. She gets so lost in her own pleasure that she doesn’t even notice when he cums in her. As good as it feels, she doesn’t even care what happens. (Video duration: 55:43)

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