Ivi Rein For OnlyTarts

Ivi Rein in Ivi Rein For OnlyTarts

Ivi Rein spent her entire first paycheck from her summer job on herself. She has been waitressing and noticed how the customers all seem to pay attention to the other girls. Shy and reserved, she decided to go shopping for some clothes and makeup so that she could get a little more attention and maybe bigger tips. She found a little pink outfit that she would never wear and decided it was perfect. The same store had sex toys and she decided to buy something equally out of character. The toy was huge and just holding it made her feel slightly dizzy. She could not wait to get home and try on the clothes and give the toy a test run. Slipping into the unfamiliar outfit, she was keenly aware of just how much it showed. The idea of wearing this under her uniform at work gave her chills. She took the toy out of the bag and teased it with her tongue. Her mind drifted to the thought of one of her handsome customers asking her out. She imagined the look on his face when he saw her sexy outfit and that his cock would be this big and ready for her. As she peels the pink panties from her body, she can feel how wet they are. The naughty outfit and big toy have her completely turned on. Is she wet enough for this monster to fit in her tight, nearly virgin hole? It is so much bigger than anything she has tried before, but she is patient and feels herself stretching to take it. It feels so good and so naughty that the cums right away. Sticking with her new, slutty attitude, she puts it in her mouth and tastes herself while she fingers herself to another climax. (Video duration: 17:00)

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