What Kind Of Dress Code Is That?

Olivia Sparkle in What Kind Of Dress Code Is That?

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Sparkle is getting ready to go off to college classes. She decides that she needs to ditch her old look for something more mature. Her stepfather comes in to offer her a ride and does not like what he sees. She tries to convince him that she is grown up and can wear what she wants, but he is furious and storms out to wait for her in the car. Olivia is going to show him how grown up she is. If he thinks the makeup is too much, wait until he sees her in a new outfit she has picked out. The pretty teen gets dressed in fishnets, heels, and little else. When he comes back, frustrated that she has made him wait, he is only angry for two seconds. Once his eyes see how she looks nearly naked and bent over for him, his mind changes quickly. She wants to seduce him and doesn’t have to do anything but look up at him and say please. He knows exactly what she wants and is not about to say no. Olivia puts her lips around his cock and gets wet at the thought of him fucking her mouth with the same meat he puts inside her mother. It is just too naughty and she loves every throbbing inch he puts inside of her. After proving that she gives outstanding head, he turns her around fucks her pussy from behind. He grabs her hair and tugs it while pounding her. She had no idea that her stepfather liked rough sex, but is happy to find out. He flips her onto her head and does things to her that no man has done. She wonders for a moment if he is going to cum inside of her. Instead, he pulls out and shoots all over her pretty face. They can’t wait to get to her dorm to do it again. (Video duration: 55:32)

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