Jasmine Wilde For OnlyTarts

Jasmine Wilde in Jasmine Wilde For OnlyTarts

After a year at college, Jasmine Wilde is enjoying her relaxing summer back at her parents’ home. She loves being around them but is not used to not having any privacy. One morning while cleaning up after breakfast, she spills some water on her shirt. She takes it off quickly and then realizes that her parents have gone out for a walk. All alone for the first time in a few weeks, she quickly notices that the cold water has made her nipples stiffen right up. It has been far too long since she has had an orgasm and decides to take care of it right on the kitchen counter. She pulls her panties aside and touches her wet lips. No one at home would understand how much she has changed this year. Even in her innocent panties and thigh-high socks, her body craves grown-up fun and she moans as her fingers rub the juices from her luscious outer lips. The guys on campus probably wouldn’t recognize her this way either. All innocent when they are used to seeing her at parties showing off her ass waiting for one of them to take her home. Thinking about those hot young studs who helped her change from a good girl to a campus slut, she started to cum all over her fingers. It feels too good to find some relief after all this time. Jasmine is ready to go for a second round when she hears her parents return. She quickly gathers her clothes and runs to her room before they can catch her. (Video duration: 10:10)

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