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Jasmine Wilde in Home Discipline

Jasmine Wilde is driving her new stepfather crazy. She is home from college for the summer and is absolutely piggy-wiggy. She leaves a mess wherever she goes and never cleans up after herself. No matter how many times he asks her to be considerate, she just doesn’t care. One morning he finds a pair of her panties in the refrigerator and has had enough. He confronts her, asking her sarcastically if he should spread these on his toast. She has been waiting for this reaction and tells him he probably should. Getting the hint he suggests he dress her up as a whore and spread her on his dick. She loves this idea and throws some slutty clothes on the counter for him to choose from. Once he picks up something appropriately slutty, he pushes Jasmine to her knees and shows her how to properly use her mouth early in the morning. Sucking his cock is only the beginning. He bends her over the table and slams his meat deep into her disrespectful little twat. He tells her that every time she leaves her clothes spread out, she is going to get the same punishment. This is exactly what she fantasized about all year in college, getting fucked hard by her handsome stepfather. Why should her mother have all the fun and good cock in the house? She hears him moan and gets on her knees. Jasmine knows he wants to shoot all over her bratty face and begs him for his cum. She is certain her mother never allows anything this filthy and enjoys watching him explode all over her. With no plans to change her behavior, Jasmine knows she will be getting punished like this quite often. (Video duration: 41:35)

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