Simon Kitty For OnlyTarts

Simon Kay in Simon Kitty For OnlyTarts

For a long time, Simon Kay (a.k.a. Simon Kitty) was happy being a good girl. A good student, a great friend, and the perfect daughter as long as none of that required her to be too outgoing. Even the perfect girlfriend as long as that didn’t involve being too sexual. She has always been far too shy and innocent for any of that. Now that college has started, she has been trying to come out of her shell and become comfortable with herself and that includes getting to know her body and what makes her feel good. What she has discovered is that masturbation is more pleasurable when she is dressed up and looks less like the sweet girl everyone knows. Getting into sexy lingerie and doing her makeup makes her feel horny and she can barely keep her hands off of herself. She has taken up shopping for herself, buying the sexiest outfits she can find and then wearing them while she pleasures herself. Today Simone found the perfect outfit. Pink, silky with fishnets and some heels to match. She can’t believe how hot she looks when she sees herself in the mirror. Looking like this, she feels no need to be shy. No need to be a good girl. She can finally be bad and rub her aching pussy the way it needs to be rubbed. With no one to please or impress but herself, she is able to relax, arouse herself and give her body all the pleasure she has long been denied. Simone tweaks her stiff nipples and pulls off her wet panties to get at her horny pussy. No one has ever made her feel as good as being bad does. She loves being a horny slut so much. Maybe her boyfriend will like it too. (Video duration: 13:25)

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