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Mazy Myers has been struggling to gain social media followers. She makes smart content and has done well, but just can’t seem to get herself any big increases. However, she has some thoughts and ideas that might help her gain the followers she seeks. Her father’s friend is visiting for a weekend and is happy to help Mazy. He listens as she tells him that her feeds really need a shocking new look to make people take notice. The first step is to do a shoot with the “old” look. She is happy to pose and smiles when he suggests she show off her sweet and sassy side. He takes some pictures and Mazy can feel him looking at her in a way no one has before. When the photos are done, the next step is to put on something a little sexier, something her followers would never expect to see her wear. This will shock them and increase interaction immediately. She finds a pair of shorts and some heels that one of her friends left at her house. Mazy feels out of place in the new clothes, but he says they are perfect and give her a new sexy look. She notices that his cock is hard when he catches her staring, he takes it out. Mazy has never done anything like this with anyone, but he promises to keep it a secret. His dick tastes good and she loves the way it throbs with desire on her tongue. He fills her pussy, reminding her that this is the sort of thing her followers are thinking about when they look at her feed. If she is this sexy and slutty, they will come in bigger numbers. She no longer cares about that, only about making his big dick cum all over her and then making him promise to never tell her father. (Video duration: 35:23)

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