Claudia Garcia in Busted!

Waking up on the first day of summer break, Claudia Garcia is very excited. Her first year of college has been eventful. In addition to her studies, she developed a rather popular social media presence. With more free time, she is looking forward to providing her followers with even more content. She takes a shower and decides on an outfit. At school, she has been very careful to maintain a wholesome look, but now that she is home she plans on doing something a little risque. Her outfit barely covers her breasts and the thong she puts on disappears between the cheeks of her big ass. Claudia is busy taking naughty pictures when her stepfather walks in. He is not supposed to be home and she is unable to cover herself properly before he gets a good look at how she looks. She is unsure of what to do, but her stepdad asks her to show what is under her robe and she is ready to reveal her secret. He takes out his hard cock and puts it into her mouth. Overcome by lust, she sucks it, tasting dick for the first time. Feeling him throb on her tongue makes her want him and he doesn’t make her wait long. He spins her around and takes her by the hair to pull her back. It is so wrong, but it feels so right. He fucks her hard, stuffing every inch inside of her. When he lets her get on top, she rides him, enjoying the way every stroke feels until she cums all over him. She wants to know if he wants to cum and he turns her over, telling her that if she is going to dress like a slut he is going to give it to her the way sluts love. He shoots his load all over her face, draining every drop from his balls. Claudia knows just how to get more followers, but has to make sure her mom doesn’t find out about her favorite new co-star. (Video duration: 52:51)

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