The Pool Incident

Sirena Milano in The Pool Incident

Sirena Milano never misses the chance to soak up the sun’s tender caress on a warm sunny day. And today is not an exception. In addition, soon her long-awaited parcel should be brought, which will make her day even better. As she sprawls out on a plush poolside lounger, the distant hum of an approaching courier’s van grows louder. But she remains oblivious, lost in the comforting embrace of the midday sun without hearing her delivery arrive. Luckily, a passing, considerate neighbour spots the package left by the courier and decides to deliver it personally. As the guy extends the package toward Sirena, he curiously asks what’s inside. Playful Sirena eagerly tears open the box, revealing a stunning coral-pink swimsuit. Sirena gets excited and slips into her new attire, which she has only seen in porn before. The swimsuit hugs her body like a second skin, making her slightly aroused. Deciding to make the day a little nicer, the girl beckons her neighbour to take a picture of her by the pool. Enchanted by her hot look, the guy nods eagerly and catches Sirena’s luminous beauty on the shots. As she twirls, and the swimsuit glitters in the sunlight, she unexpectedly finds her neighbour’s arms gently touching her slim thighs, stroking her peach ass, and pretty soon, he is licking the love juices from her labia. Casting her spell over the man Sirena is taken to taste his throbbing cock. Having thoroughly slobbered this rod, she substitutes her ass and asks the man to roughly fuck her. As he pulls her hair hard and slaps her tight ass makes Sirena feel like the heroine of her favourite porn videos. Having fully enjoyed a passionate rodeo on her neighbour’s dick, she greedily squeezes the rest of the sperm out of it and enjoys another beautiful hot day. (Video duration: 46:22)

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