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Lola Heart in Lola Heart For OnlyTarts

Lola Heart loves her boyfriend very much. She was so proud of him when he left the country to do charity work overseas. While he is away, she could have lots of dates but chooses to stay with her first love. When he left, they promised to save themselves for each other. No matter how lonely she gets, she is not interested in anyone else. She lives for their weekly video calls and can’t wait for him to come home. Knowing how much he misses her, she is worried that he might meet someone else or even venture to the bad parts of town and fall for some cheap street harlot. She decides that she needs to do something drastic to keep him happy. Putting on pink stockings, a short skirt, and a strapless top, she adds a leather collar and pigtails to complete the look. Doing her makeup just right, she grabs her phone and starts to film a special video just for her man. As she starts to shake her butt for the camera, Lola finds herself getting turned on, Somehow acting like a pornstar slut is making her virgin pussy wet. By the time she gets her panties off, she can barely keep her hands away from her horny hole. She is making the video so he can masturbate, so what can it hurt if she touches herself too? Being this naughty is making her juices flow and her fingers slip right in. Lola moans, imagining his hands on her body, his cock working its way into her. Closing her eyes, she imagined him stroking his cock and cums all over her fingers. She can’t wait for him to see the dirty porno she made for him. (Video duration: 14:52)

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