Huge Tip

Kay Lovely in Huge Tip

Kay Lovely has been dreaming of spending quality time with her partner for a long time. However, there’s one little issue – the guy’s unwavering obsession with video games. Feeling increasingly distant from her boyfriend, Kay decides to regain his attention with a provoking outfit that will light up a fire inside him. However, as she emerges from her room in this striking attire, she is met with nothing but indifference. The guy’s fixation on his video game has him utterly unfazed. Just when it seems that Kay’s attempts are in vain, the doorbell rings, and to her surprise, it’s the pizza delivery guy. In this unexpected moment, with her partner still immersed in games, Kay decides to have some fun with the delivery boy instead. Flashing her tits for the guy, Kay simultaneously calls him to stick his hardon into her mouth to make it slippery enough to squeeze it into her pussy. The delivery guy is all about fucking hot Kay, so he submits all her commands, and after a good blowjob that includes plenty of deep-throat action, he shoves his tongue up her pussy to make it nice and wet too. When Kay is happy enough with an oral prelude, she orders a guy to turn her around so she’s kneeling on a couch, and the delivery boy slams into her from behind. She gets on her knees to suck him off and then turns on her back to feel that nice deep pussy pounding, all while Kay’s boyfriend continues to game in the background. She takes a break to suck her own pussy juices off the boy’s stiffie, then climbs onto his lap and rides him in reverse cowgirl. When the pizza boy is ready to blow his load, Kay turns around so her head is beneath his balls. He lets go, nutting all over Kay’s face and body, making her feel wanted and more than satisfied. (Video duration: 37:35)

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