Kay Lovely For OnlyTarts

Kay Lovely in Kay Lovely For OnlyTarts

Kay Lovely really loves her boyfriend. He is sweet, funny, and kind. He’s also got a great job and loves spoiling her. Everything is great in their relationship except for one thing. He is completely clueless when it comes to sex. No matter how many hints or tips Kay gives him, he just keeps coming up short. The whole thing is very frustrating and she has lost hope of it ever getting better. Since she loves him and doesn’t want to cheat, Kay has learned to take care of her needs herself. She has even created her own self-love date nights that include getting all dressed up in sexy lingerie for a night of mind-blowing sex all on her own. She loves the way the soft fabric feels on her skin and the way her fishnets hug her thighs and hips. Adding some high stripper heels, she knows that she is the kind of girl that every guy would want to bang senselessly. Since her boyfriend can’t, she just gets to fantasize about a lover who knows how to touch her the way she likes, how can make her nipples hard, her heart race, and her pussy drip. She knows how to do a good job of that herself and her imagination takes her to such wonderful places. Her fingers danced across her clit as she imagined a skilled tongue and then dipped into her tight, sweet hole as she climaxed thinking of a lover who could drive her wild with deep thrusts. One day she would teach her boyfriend to do it right or find someone who can. But for tonight, she is her own best lover and happy to fuck such a slutty, willing hottie. (Video duration: 12:11)

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