Stepfather's Trap

Aliska Dark and Bella Gray in Stepfather's Trap

Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey) is very curious about her new stepfather. He is nice enough but has a secretive side. She confides in her best friend Aliska Dark that he has a secret safe in the bedroom. They are both curious as to what he might have hidden in there. Aliska convinces Bella that they have to find out. The safe has a combination lock, but Bella tries their anniversary and the lock opens. Unsure of what they might find, the girls are stunned to find it filled with slutty outfits and various BDSM gear. Aliska thinks it is very cool, but Bella wonders if her mother knows about this. Does she dress like this for him? Is that what he likes? Aliska suggests that they try the clothes on. Though Bella hesitates, she secretly likes the idea of her friend in such revealing things. They help each other get dressed in the clothes and even try the collars, ball gags, and bondage tape. The girls are so busy having fun that they don’t notice Bella’s stepfather has come home. Aliska is happy to be a good slut for him and with Bella tied up and gagged, she can do nothing but watch as her best friend starts sucking her stepdad’s big hard cock. Aliska reveals that the clothes and toys are hers. She has been secretly fucking him behind Bella’s mother’s back for months. It is a shock to see her best friend be such a slut, but Bella is unprepared for what comes next. Her stepfather bends Aliska over and shoves his cock right into her asshole. The whole thing is turning Bella on, but she can do nothing but watch as her stepfather pounds her slutty friends just inches away. He explodes on her face and promises that if she keeps their secret, he will fuck her asshole next. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Aliska Dark and Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey). (Video duration: 50:50)

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