Bad Manners

Hazel Moore in Bad Manners

Hazel Moore was surprised when her mother got remarried to a very religious man. She played along though, studying hard and wearing modest clothes around the house. That didn’t stop her from having a wild side. She just has to hide it. On the night of a big party, she kisses him goodnight and sneaks into her room to change into her slutty party dress. Her stepfather comes into her room and sees her dressed this way. He is furious and begins to scold her, but she notices that he can’t stop staring at her body. Within moments, his hard cock is visible through his pants and Hazel knows how she is going to get out of trouble. If he wants to know why she is dressed this way, she is happy to show him. She dresses this way to attract attention from men so they will want to fuck her. She grabs him by the cock and while he is shocked, she can tell he likes the way she squeezes his shaft through his pants. He may not approve of her attire, but his big boner has other ideas. She knows just where to put that cock to calm his anger and stir his lust. With plenty of experience, Hazel expertly deep-throats his meat and has him ready to do anything she wants. She flips over and spreads her legs, inviting him in, but only after making him say that she sucks cock better than her mother. He is so wound up with passion that he wants to punish her for being so slutty by fucking her as hard as he can. That fits her plans just fine. She was going to the party to get slammed anyway. She tells him to treat her like a bad girl and then cums like crazy when he pulls her hair, grabs her by the throat, and spanks her ass. That pushes him to the edge and he does something her mother would never allow. He shoots a big load all over her pretty face. Hazel smiles knowing that there is a new boss around the house. (Video duration: 30:49)

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