Slutty Fashion Is My Profession

Liz Ocean and Leo Ahsoka in Slutty Fashion Is My Profession

Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica), a popular online fashion blogger recognized for her detailed clothing reviews, has recently bought some remarkable and revealing outfits. She is seeking assistance from her bestie Liz to create a new video for her followers. Liz is happy to assist her best friend. The whole process is fun and enjoyable. As the girls change into their alluring pink lingerie and snug fishnets, they feel their bodies getting warm and their pussies getting wet. Totally unexpected, but kissing Liz turns Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica) on so much. A tongue on her pussy is a new feeling for the innocent young girl, but she wants her friend to keep going. Liz cannot stop enjoying the process until she falls asleep from exhaustion. However, Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica) refrains from joining Liz as she awaits her boyfriend. Fulfilling her long-cherished dream, she anticipates having hardcore sex with him. She is shocked to see his hard and big cock. She just has to taste it and slide it right between her lips. Being so naughty in the same bed as her best friend has her so worked up that she doesn’t even notice when she finally wakes up. Liz is shocked but stuns them both when she suggests joining for a naughty threesome. Liz’s boyfriend jumps at the chance to fuck both pretty young women. They sample his cock and then share it, passing him back and forth between their hungry mouths. The girls play together quite well together and start playfully competing for his load. They both love the way the dick throbs as he fuck their tight pussies. When it is time to cum, the girls use their mouths and make him explode all over their pretty faces. Sharing has never been so much fun. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Liz Ocean and Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica). (Video duration: 58:27)

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