Family Affair

Lisa Belys in Family Affair

Lisa’s sister is only days away from her wedding to a man she truly loves. Always protective, Lisa has a feeling that the groom to be is cheating and wants to prove it before her sister makes a huge mistake. With the help of her boyfriend, she comes up with a plan to prove her theory. She invites the groom over when no one is around and tries to seduce him. The plan is for her boyfriend to take pictures proving the cheating so that Lisa can show her sister. Lisa changes into something completely slutty, she returns knowing that he will not be able to resist. It works of course and he does more than just kiss her. He takes out his cock and Lisa is so turned on that she starts to suck it. That’s too far and her boyfriend comes out of hiding. He is only mad for a second because the whole thing has him turned on and he wants to join. With two hard cocks inches from her face, Lisa forgets the plan and starts sucking them both. She has never had two men at once and the feeling of one in her throat and another in her pussy is driving her crazy. She no longer cares that her sister’s man is a cheater. All she cares about is how well he fucks her holes. The whole thing is turning her boyfriend on so much that he is banging her harder than ever. They are both giving her the screwing of a lifetime and she never wants to stop. When they are ready to cum, she asks them both to shoot on her face at the same time. Covered in jizz Lisa is ready to sign off on the wedding so long as her sister’s husband only cheats with her. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Lisa Belys. (Video duration: 52:54)

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