Lily Blossom For OnlyTarts Again

Lily Blossom in Lily Blossom For OnlyTarts Again

After having people over for the holidays, Lily Blossom knows she needs to give her place a good cleaning. It isn’t the most exciting job in the world, but it has to be done. She also finds ways to keep her mind occupied so it is not so tedious. First, she thinks about the sexy lingerie she bought to wear for her boyfriend and his reaction to it. That led to an amazing night of lovemaking. Then she thinks about the hot guy who was eying her all night on New Year’s Eve. He was cute and single and she could have banged him if she tried. All these horny holiday memories are making Lily quite turned on. Since she is alone in the house, she can do as she pleases. Climbing into bed, she loses her top, gently pinching her nipples as they hit the open air. This brings back more memories and a tingle between her legs. Throwing her feet up in the air, she remembers how her boyfriend took her in this same bed the night she wore her slutty outfit. His big cock hammered away and made her tight pussy cream. Just thinking about it now makes her wet through her panties. Pulling them aside, she can feel the air on her wet lips and thinks about some of the cute strangers who were in her house for the big New Year’s Eve party. The thought of one or two of them following her into the bedroom for some secret fun turns her on even more. Fantasizing about being bad has her juices flowing and her fingers sliding easily in and out of her body. Closing her eyes, she cums on her thrusting hands. Cleaning can wait. She has a lot more fantasies to work through. (Video duration: 15:25)

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