Lya Cutie For OnlyTarts

Lya Cutie in Lya Cutie For OnlyTarts

Lya Cutie has struggled to fit in at her new college. Her schoolwork is fine, but socially she has fallen behind. She lived such a sheltered life before going to campus that all of the other girls seem so much more advanced, so mature. The guys don’t seem to pay any attention to her at all. Tired of feeling like she is falling behind, Lya spends a day shopping at some of the trendy stores that she knows her classmates frequent. The clothes don’t seem like anything she would ever wear, but she buys them anyway. Alone at home, she tries them on, trying to imagine what her friends or parents would say if they could see her. She can’t believe it herself. The clothes are so tight and they show off so much skin. Still, she looks in the mirror and thinks she looks hot and sexy like the other girls on campus. She wonders if the guys would notice she dressed like this. Thinking about their attention starts to turn Lya on. Her nipples start to get hard and she can feel her pussy getting wet through her tight shorts. Dressing like a slut is starting to make her want sex so bad she can’t help herself. She has to rub and touch herself. Her hands explore her body as she thinks about the guys she has crushes on. They would be surprised to see her dressed this way but want to see more. They would want to see her naked. They would want to put their cocks into her holes. Just like she is putting her fingers in. That thought drives her over the edge and she cums all over her fingers. The only question she has now is which lucky guy is going to be first. (Video duration: 11:49)

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